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“At Blossom Square Preschool, our vision is to create a nurturing and inspiring environment where every child’s potential is recognized, celebrated, and cultivated. We envision a world where learning is a joyful adventure, curiosity is encouraged, and young minds blossom with creativity. We are committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and innovative space where children develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning, fostering qualities that will empower them to flourish as confident, compassionate, and responsible individuals. Our aim is to be a beacon of educational excellence, a place where the seeds of knowledge, kindness, and resilience are sown, and where the future truly begins.”


“At Blossom Square Preschool, our mission is to provide a vibrant and holistic early childhood education that nurtures the unique potential of every child. We are dedicated to:

  1. Fostering a Love for Learning: We create a stimulating and supportive environment where children are excited to explore, question, and learn, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of knowledge.

  2. Promoting Social and Emotional Growth: We prioritize the development of social skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence, helping children build meaningful relationships and resilience.

  3. Encouraging Creativity and Critical Thinking: We empower young minds to think creatively, solve problems, and express themselves through various forms of art, play, and inquiry-based activities.

  4. Ensuring Safety and Inclusivity: We maintain a secure and inclusive space that respects and celebrates diversity, where every child feels valued, heard, and accepted.

  5. Collaborating with Parents and the Community: We actively engage parents and the wider community, recognizing that education is a collaborative effort, and we work together to support each child’s growth.

  6. Embracing Continuous Improvement: We are committed to staying current with best practices in early childhood education, continuously enhancing our programs, and providing our educators with professional development opportunities.

Our mission is to guide each child’s journey of growth and discovery, empowering them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, and setting them on a path to a bright and promising future.”

Our Story

Once upon a time, in the bustling neighborhood of Rohini, Sector-22, Delhi, a visionary educator named Mr. Vivek Dhankhar embarked on a remarkable journey. In 2019, he founded Blossom Square Pre School with a clear vision in mind: to create an educational haven where young minds could bloom and flourish.

With a deep passion for early childhood education, Mr. Dhankhar set out to build a preschool that would go beyond the ordinary. He envisioned a place where children would not only learn but also discover the joy of learning. Guided by this dream, the doors of Blossom Square Pre School first swung open.

The school’s commitment to excellence and its nurturing environment quickly gained recognition among parents and the community. Children thrived under the care of dedicated educators who understood the significance of those precious early years. In this haven of learning, curiosity was encouraged, creativity flourished, and friendships blossomed.

As the years passed, the success of Blossom Square Pre School in Rohini became undeniable. The school’s reputation for providing a holistic and child-centric education spread far and wide. The demand for such a unique educational experience was so high that, in 2021, Blossom Square Pre School opened its second branch in Noida, Sector-130, Uttar Pradesh, extending its reach to a new community of eager young learners.

The expansion didn’t stop there. In 2023, a third branch of Blossom Square Pre School emerged in Budh Vihar, Phase-1, Delhi, further cementing its commitment to providing high-quality early childhood education to children across different neighborhoods.

Today, Blossom Square Pre School continues to thrive, guided by its founding principles of nurturing, inspiring, and celebrating every child’s potential. With three branches spanning across different areas, the school remains true to Mr. Dhankhar’s vision, offering young minds the opportunity to embark on a lifelong journey of learning, growth, and discovery.

As Blossom Square Pre School looks toward the future, it remains dedicated to its mission of creating an inclusive and enriching environment, where each child’s unique talents are cherished, and where the seeds of knowledge, compassion, and resilience are sown. The story of Blossom Square Pre School is a testament to the power of education to transform lives, one young mind at a time.

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